I was very much a basket case this week. From unknown reasons I could not lift my spirit up and make some wise decisions. I forgot appointments, I mixed up activities, I could not make up my mind and much more.

2 days ago, I decided it’s time to call some friends who are on the same path with me, and have a heart to heart talk. I called my dear friend Marita who has done several seminars with me. Marita is a true inspiration for me, she has taken herself to a totally new level of consciousness.

I shares with Marita that for few weeks now, I have been trying to figure out a way to combine my coaching with my art. I have been trying so hard to find the perfect way to combine it all into one big happy business.

I was not successful.

Marita, after listening to me said “when you are not letting go, you are blocking the energies and a blockage is being created. Let go, let it flow and things will happen for you”

Letting go is one of the simplest concepts but the hardest to do! I decided to try. I am letting go, I am letting life open up new possibilities for me, trusting that there is a direction in which I should go.

I must say, that today, only 2 days after we talked and some work on my mindset, things are starting to shift. I feel I have a calling to help moms in their journey, I know I have learned a lot and it is my duty to share it with them


I can also see how I am back into art, it is all coming together as if everything was just waiting for me to finally let go.

Let go, let the energy flow and feel how your life is taking it’s course to a new adventure!

All my love, Relli