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It seems like there is no other way today but to use a computer. I used to have an old laptop and after few ‘breakdowns’ of it, we decided to buy a new one.

It was suppose to solve all my tech problems, meaning – not crashing down again and again, but it is not really what is happening.

This computer has so many ‘cool’ features in become annoying. For example, before writing what I telling you, I was about to write about laziness. I read an interesting article I wanted to share my mom thoughts on it, but guess what – I can not paste what I cut.
Another example – they have this ‘cool’ feature that that screen it tranzperent, meaning you can see throuh to the other window below. This is so annoying, my eyes can not focus on the words, because there is something underneath…

These are just few examples, Why they do it – Go figure..

I am not the most technical person on earth, I am actually pretty bad at it, so it make things even worse when it comes to work efficiently with my new friend here.

The thing with computers is, that if something goes wrong and you are not techie enoght, you are doomed for long minutes and hours of frustration.

Well, that was what I was about to say, I hope I will figure that out soon!


Few months ago my husband told me about a show he wants us to go together. I did not ask too many questions about what it is, and simply said “if you want to go, we’ll go”. I never bothered to ask what this show is going to be like, and when the day arrived, we took off in jeans and snickers to go see this amazing show by Tiesto.

We arrive at the Cow palace, and very fast we were feeling very old and very strange. There were hundreds (if not thousands) of teens ages 16+ dressed, well they were not really dressed, it was more like Eve and Adam covering the most private areas of their bodies with a bit of fabric and some fur. So after we got the (expensive) ticket, we were finally in the great place of Tiesto.

We went in, and I am telling you, it was so noisy, people walking with drinks all over and smoking. I thought it was illegal to smoke indoor public places in CA, but obviously, this place have some other ideas about smoking. Anyhow, we are in thinking to ourselves: ” we are pretty old for that…” We were shocked to watch these youngsters dressed with horse fur like, preschool necklaces with a pacifier attached to them. I don’t know what the deal with the pacifier is, but I will get to that a bit later.

It was about 9:00pm when we got there and the amazing Tiesto show was about start his show only around 10:30, so we had some time to listen to the sounds of trance music. If you know a bit about me (and if not I will tell you) , I am not a big fan, to say the list, of trance music. In fact I can not stand this music. On the other hand, it is one of my husband favorite music, and he is actually listening to it while he is working. I am not sure how he does that but that’s a different story.

So, you can imagine that by the time Tiesto was on stage, my head was already simply filled with hammers sounds, the smoke was making me feel like in a big stinky pub, so it was not too much fun. For about an hour I really tried to dance and ‘get into the music’ as they say, but I couldn’t. It was not fun for me , it was fun for my spouse.

So, I was in and out from the dancing area, trying to figure what the heck I should do – if I ask my husband to leave, it won’t be fair to him since he was having a blast, and it I stay, I am cold and miserable. So I went out to breath some fresh (well, at least I thought I will have that) and to get out of the very loud music. I could barely hear anything ans my ears just want to pop out. So, I hung out looking at all these young people dressed like horses with a pacifier, and I felt so out of place.

Oh, I forgot – after this event I asked a friend about the pacifier deal, and she suggested that the kids under 21, put alcohol in it, this way they can drink some too. I am not sure about it, but I haven’t had a change to explore it more.

I was not having fun at all.

So, here is the question – how do you make an effort to enjoy something you really really don’t like so your partner can have fun? Tough question I find it to be.

I recently read an article that is about how to make Fun fun for you , and I thought – how can I make this to be fun for me?


After going in and out, sitting and walking I decided to let my husband enjoy his time while I was dealing with issue of My fun, compare to HIS fun. After 2 hours I decided I was defiantly time to end this night. I made this brave decision after a drunk guy came to me and said” do you have cash”. I was out of there. So, we left at 1:30am…

When we I told my husband :” next time, when you are up for trance, please find someone else to go with you. It is not fun for me and this way, it effect you too. You would have stayed longer if it wasn’t for me”. So, here you go, his fun was not my fun, and I learned my lesson – make sure what you are about to experience is within my fun area, and if not, stay out of there!


P.S. when I was younger and dating, I used to have a rule – I always arrived to the dating place with my own car, so in case I am not having fun or think it is not for me, I can take off and go back home without waiting or/and explaining why I want to leave. It worked so well. The only one that I made an exception for (my care broke) was my husband… Next time when we are off on a concert I am not sure about, I will bring my car 😉

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