It seems like there is no other way today but to use a computer. I used to have an old laptop and after few ‘breakdowns’ of it, we decided to buy a new one.

It was suppose to solve all my tech problems, meaning – not crashing down again and again, but it is not really what is happening.

This computer has so many ‘cool’ features in become annoying. For example, before writing what I telling you, I was about to write about laziness. I read an interesting article I wanted to share my mom thoughts on it, but guess what – I can not paste what I cut.
Another example – they have this ‘cool’ feature that that screen it tranzperent, meaning you can see throuh to the other window below. This is so annoying, my eyes can not focus on the words, because there is something underneath…

These are just few examples, Why they do it – Go figure..

I am not the most technical person on earth, I am actually pretty bad at it, so it make things even worse when it comes to work efficiently with my new friend here.

The thing with computers is, that if something goes wrong and you are not techie enoght, you are doomed for long minutes and hours of frustration.

Well, that was what I was about to say, I hope I will figure that out soon!