Have you ever done something you are sure is great to do, but you were not sure if someone else feels the same?
This is what is happening to me in the last few months. Ever since I started doing Coaching calls for moms (look on the upper right side of the screen for details), I am feeling it’s a great service for the moms. To be honest, it’s a great service for me too. Being a teacher, a coach keeps me learning . It also very much keeps me dealing on my issues, and that makes me a better person.
Last Friday , on our weekly call, a new mom came on the line. She told me that she found out about my calls and thought is was a great thing. She was about to call few of her friends and tell them about it, but she decided to wait. She wanted to check it out for herself and see how she feels about it, before telling other moms about it.
When the call (which was a lot about how to detach from your kid without feeling guilty)was over she said:

“Thanks you so much for doing this. This is a perfect way for me to talk to other moms, while my son is sleeping. Thank you for helping”.

I was so happy to hear what she said. It was the acknowledgment from her that made all the work worth. Knowing that I am reaching out to other moms, make me feel I am giving the world what is within me. I am sharing my gift with others.

I can feel I am on the right track, but receiving a feedback helps me navigate through the unknown, just like a sign on the road tells you where you are!
Come join us every Friday 🙂
All my love, Relli