I am excited to share with you this great news!

As a mother or 4, when my kids were young and sick a lot, I went to the Dr and got another dose of Antibiotic treatment for them. At some point, I realize that this is not gone work on a regular base, since I was afraid their body will develop resistance for it.

I started my own search for other ways to boost my kids health.

One of the options I found was Homeopathy. Although for some issues it did not help, for some it did. The beauty about Homeopathy is the simplicity of how to use it.

Now, when I am leading Coaching calls for mom, I hear from them how they would like to protect their kids in more natural ways.

I wanted to offer some advice and asked Masha Rosen (http://www.masharosen.com/) to tell us more about Homeopathy, and especially about How we can help our children.

If you had the option to meet Masha, what would you want to know?

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Talk to you soon, Relli