Yesterday I was listening to a very interesting lady. He name is Ellie Drake, and she is a women who teaches how our body chemistry is different between men and women. I was trying to follow her thought line about how it’s actually work, but gosh, Chemistry is not my strong side…


what I really got from her was something interesting –
she said – You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do, but you need to move in the direction you feel you need to be going.
There is a special feeling we all have inside of us, that guide us. I can tell you about myself, that I have always be drawn to search for deeper meaning of life, I was always drawn to help others and be around people, and the last but not least is me being drawn to art.

I remember as a child,picking up flowers and doing something with them, helping people in need when I could do it.

Why am I telling you this ?

Because, like Ellie Drake says – I could feel the urge to do these things, I could feel it on a cellular level, I could feel where and when I growing as a person. When I feel growing I know I am fulfilling my destiny.
Although it seems only natural to follow my heart and feelings, I didn’t for a long long time.
I was too busy rationalizing why it was better to do something else, something that will take me farther in life. For example – Being a manger. I was a manager. I was not happy doing it, I also know that it did not make others happy too….
I followed the ‘western’ path (get a degree, find a job, learn something that is useful anywhere and will make youo more money etc) until I was 32. When I was about 32, and was pregnant with my daughter, I followed my passion for flowers.
I ofter tell people, that going into the floral design class felt like coming home, like I was suppose to be there long long long time ago. It gave me a sense of purpose and an outlet for my creativity.

About the same time I was in the process of discovering myself again, especially my confidence in myself and who I am today.

Those two together, gave me a sense of direction and a mission to follow. Although today my life is missing some art (you know, 4 kids and life), I am giving what I have to others. I am helping moms, I am helping them understand how important it is to be a happy mom, how to manage their energy so they have it used in the right places and more. Helping them gives me the space to grow as a person, as well as sharing this knowledge, sharing my gift.

Althougth I am doing what feels good today, I spend too much time (years actually), energy and money, on trying to be what I am not, what I am not meant to be. I want to help others to skip this part and move forward with what feels good to them on a cellular level. We each have a gift to give, let’s find it and work with it.
If you need help finding your true passion, please shoot me an email and i will do my best to help you.