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How many times have you felt that you just met the right person to help you move to the next level in your life?

I know that for me it happend few times. There were other time that I thought were meaningful, but looking back it was not so much.

In the last few weeks I got to work again with Barbara De Angelis who is a great teacher, role model and a mentor. I am about to work with another amazing peroson who will help me get my voice out there. I am so so excited about this opportunity, it feels so right and so in time.

Working with Brendon Burchard will allow me help more people, share my message and do what I love most.This is just a bit about him –

I am so excited!!!

Realizing how I feel about prosperity has become a very interesting process.
Today I took myself on my next exciting adventure, which was to have a prosper day.
I didn’t know exactly what this day would be, but I thought I would just toll with it.
It started by me taking myself to Whole foods, where I bought a gift. Although in my head Whole foods in Whole wallet πŸ˜‰ , I wanted to feel how it would be to shop here without thinking of it as a ‘waste’, or ‘too expensive’. As I was walking in the store, I told myself ‘it’s a high quality of food, the fruits are so yummy, the product are better for my body’. After leaving the store (no, I didn’t buy anything expensive), I thought to myself :’ I am hungry’. I went to a nice Japanese restaurant next to Whole Foods, and I ordered a Bento box. I took the box and set outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, eating my food, and feeling good about eating out. It took some practice to get over the guild of buying an expensive lunch out with no reason,but I did it!
After, I went and bought myself 2 pair of pants, and to complete the day, I went to Starbucks and wrote Thank you notes. As I was writing my Thank you notes, I really thought about how prosper I am in different areas of life –

  • The ability to explore my feelings and understand them.
  • Having friends to write notes to.
  • To be a part of a great community.
  • For opportunities that came in the last few days.
  • To be able to go alone and enjoy the day.
  • A loving supportive family.

I found this exercise to be a bit challenging, but I feel I have learned a bit more about how to feel good about feeling prosper.

Pretty cool, I will do it again!

here we go…

  1. I found a Penny!
  2. I went to Kmart to buy some trash cans, and next to me was a young guy that had 50% discount coupon. I asked him how do you get this coupon, and he said “from the web site”. And than the great thing happened – he offered me his extra coupon πŸ™‚ I saved a lot!
    I was very grateful and I was open to receive.
  3. My friends came to help me with mt daughter so I can run errands without her.
  4. My family was invited to go and spend some time together.
    I got to take a long shower my husband took the kids for 3 hours. It was nice to have some time for myself.
  5. On my last coaching call I got to understand what I will write my ebook!

Abundance keeps flowing in, like the doors are opening up all day long πŸ™‚

Here is the list for today –

  1. I got invited to teach a floral Design class for adults that want to know how to put flowers together in a nice way!
    The prosperity of art, here it comes again!
  2. An old friend came to visit me today, and we talked about life, how well she is doing, how well I am doing. We set outside in my lovely chairs. It felt great!
    Abundance of friends, good advice and love!
  3. My kids took all the blankets in the house and made a fort! it has been so long since they last did that, and it was great seeing them playing in it with flash light!
    Abundance of creativity and joy!
  4. My husband listen to me. I felt great.
  5. I found a Penny! Abundance of wealth

I am tired, I think I will call it a night. What a day!

Wow, today was an amazing day!

It would be hard to write only 5 things that happened today, but I will try πŸ˜‰

Today –

  1. Last night, after I had already written my daily blog, I got to chat with my best friend in the US ! I want to tell you that I had sent her a book for her birthday, and last night she wrote me :” [10:20:32 PM] Thank you so much for the great present in the mail today! I love the book. You’re an angel..”
  2. I felt expending and my heart filled with love.

  3. Rachel my friend called me up and invited me to join her at the park, and then called me and asked me “would you like me to buy you coffee?” this was great, and I hoped on the offer. When we met we had a great time talking about life while watching our kids having fun at the water fountain πŸ™‚ I even got some good tips from her about where to post videos.
    Abundance of friends and caring.
  4. We had a meeting today at my kids school. I did not had a chance to eat dinner before I left home, and I was so hungry. We started the meeting and then 2 of the parents came in with plates with food and deserts πŸ™‚
    I felt very abundant,and very grateful.
  5. My kids were helping me make dinner. They did not complained, just was very loving and helpful.
    I felt honored to be their mom! I have abundance of helpful loving kids!
  6. I got an invitation to teach a floral design class for children! I miss doing flowers and this opportunity is a sign of abundance of art. So exciting!!!!
  7. well, I have more, but I promised to keep it at 5 πŸ™‚

It is amazing to understand how powerful out emotions are. It is mostly interesting to pay attention to them at all times, and see what comes up!

Here are my 5 for today :

My husband was sitting down with me after the kids went to bed, and told me all about his day. It was a great feeling of connection. I am learning to listen, not to react.
I feel prosper with love and communication.

My friends were watching my youngest one until night time, so I can go with the other 3 and buy shoes. It was a blessing not to be able to drag her along πŸ˜‰
I feel prosper with kind friends.

I got a rebate check !
I feel abundant with money.

The sun was out today, warming up the air. It was great to feel how nature think of us, giving us a break from the rain.
I feel abundant with sunshine!

I was able to talk to my friend about my coaching call. It was really interesting talk. I got to learn some new things about my body, and I think I got to teach some new things too.
I fee abundant with wisdom.

I got a letter from one of the moms on the coaching call, that she can not wait to hear my voice on Friday! I felt blessed to have people that are searching for more. I feel great to share my gift with the world.

While working with Barbara De Anglis, one of our assignment was to explore our wallet.

How does you wallet looks? Is it exploading with stuff you don’t need, or it’s pretty empty?

Check out George’s wallet πŸ™‚

I think I have mentioned Barbara De Angelis here many times before. She is an amazing teacher I am honored to work with . I am taking a new course with her called – Opening up to prosperity.

On my journey to success in life in all areas, but especially in the financial aspect , I noticed that I am not totally open to prosperity.

what do I mean?

I say I want money, but at the same time I am blocking it.

On today’s call we talked about a decision we made as children about money. As Barbara was leading us through an exercise, I got to see some things I didn’t see before.

  • I got to see how I never heard my parents talk about money until they were in the process of getting a divorce.
  • I got to see that I relate money to hurting people.
  • I got to see how my grandparents worked very hard to make a living, raising 5 children and were saving Lira to Lira.
  • I got to understand how my mom struggled to earn money to support us through and after she got divorce from my dad.
  • I got to see and understand why I was such a big spender – I was working full time job making nice salary, and never saved a Shekel. I spent it all, gave it to other people, just not to have the money. I was in constant debt.

My connection was that Money Hurts People, I don’t want to hurt people, thus I don’t want money.

I am still in the process or exposing these emotions, it takes some time.

One of the exercises we got to work on is –

Every day, find 5 things that indicated prosperity and abundance in your life. It does not have to be money, it can be any other form of prosperity.

I am committing to write every other day (if I can every day) and share what I am finding.

Day 1

I got a wonderful letter from a mom on my coaching call group, sharing with me how much the call mean to her.

I felt honored to serve her.

My husband was very patient with me teaching me some things on the computer. He is not always so patient with me when it comes to teaching.. πŸ˜‰

I feel abundant with patience.

My son was thanking me for the food I prepare for him. He said “what is this great smell?” I said – “chicken soup for you”, and he gave me the best hug ever . He is almost 11 so I feel blessed to get hugs!

I found lots of change on the floor this week.

It feels abundance of money.

I got to eat dinner with my friend and her kids, it was not planned. I feel abundant with great people around me.

I got to be a part of a Fundraiser committee. I felt connected. I also got so many complements about the event decoration which I planned. I can feel the great feeling of a whole, or abundant of this wonderful community I belong to.

This is for tonight, I will be back tomorrow.

Gina Perkins is a mom. Just Like other moms she is dealing with the question of – Schedule for my baby or not? Co sleeping or not? Rocking your child to sleep or not? What other think about what I do and how it’s effecting her self confidence.

I just finish reading her today’s post on the blog

Very inspiring πŸ™‚

Hugs, Relli

I am really excited to share that I have been putting a lot of energy on Shifting my focus from managing my Energy and not my Time.

I am taking the time to do more of the IMPORTANT non urgent activities, and less of the urgent – NON IMPORTANT.

This week on my weekly Coaching calls with mom we got to talk about how to move from doing activities that are relatively not important like: making sure the house is ALWAYS clean, put cloths away etc, and do more of what is important to our health and happiness as moms : Exercising, venting, writing, being on the coaching calls and more.

As we were talking, few of the moms took on themselves small (yes, SMALL) commitment that they can keep (very important). Those activities will help them shift their energy from stress to ease, from doing things for someone else to have them work independently.

I am very proud of them to take on this challenge for the week –

The commitment they made are :

Mom 1 – Write/journal for 30 min once a week.

Mom 2 – Take an hour to create business templates so her partner can work independently.

Both moms took the challenge of noticing how they feel this week, what breakthrough and changes they are making.

I can’t wait to know what observation they will come up with πŸ™‚

Proud, Relli

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