I was checking on myself and the value of self care, and I am doing pretty good job on the action of taking 2 minutes to myself in the morning, this is going well.

I want to take on another challenge on myself, and it’s related to my diet. Part of Self care is taking care if my body. I must admit I am not so good with what I put in my mouth. I grab what ever I can find, mostly it will be sweets, crackers and cakes…

I can feel how this is taking a toll on my body, I feel I have less energy to create, love support and do all the things I want to do.

I know this need to be changed, so I am taking the challenge of asking myself every time I am about to eat or drink :

“Does this food is in line with the value of Self care?”

From today, I will ask this question and do my best to follow the choice the is helping me to care for my body.

I will let you know how that goes…