I am really excited to share that I have been putting a lot of energy on Shifting my focus from managing my Energy and not my Time.

I am taking the time to do more of the IMPORTANT non urgent activities, and less of the urgent – NON IMPORTANT.

This week on my weekly Coaching calls with mom we got to talk about how to move from doing activities that are relatively not important like: making sure the house is ALWAYS clean, put cloths away etc, and do more of what is important to our health and happiness as moms : Exercising, venting, writing, being on the coaching calls and more.

As we were talking, few of the moms took on themselves small (yes, SMALL) commitment that they can keep (very important). Those activities will help them shift their energy from stress to ease, from doing things for someone else to have them work independently.

I am very proud of them to take on this challenge for the week –

The commitment they made are :

Mom 1 – Write/journal for 30 min once a week.

Mom 2 – Take an hour to create business templates so her partner can work independently.

Both moms took the challenge of noticing how they feel this week, what breakthrough and changes they are making.

I can’t wait to know what observation they will come up with 🙂

Proud, Relli