I think I have mentioned Barbara De Angelis here many times before. She is an amazing teacher I am honored to work with . I am taking a new course with her called – Opening up to prosperity.

On my journey to success in life in all areas, but especially in the financial aspect , I noticed that I am not totally open to prosperity.

what do I mean?

I say I want money, but at the same time I am blocking it.

On today’s call we talked about a decision we made as children about money. As Barbara was leading us through an exercise, I got to see some things I didn’t see before.

  • I got to see how I never heard my parents talk about money until they were in the process of getting a divorce.
  • I got to see that I relate money to hurting people.
  • I got to see how my grandparents worked very hard to make a living, raising 5 children and were saving Lira to Lira.
  • I got to understand how my mom struggled to earn money to support us through and after she got divorce from my dad.
  • I got to see and understand why I was such a big spender – I was working full time job making nice salary, and never saved a Shekel. I spent it all, gave it to other people, just not to have the money. I was in constant debt.

My connection was that Money Hurts People, I don’t want to hurt people, thus I don’t want money.

I am still in the process or exposing these emotions, it takes some time.

One of the exercises we got to work on is –

Every day, find 5 things that indicated prosperity and abundance in your life. It does not have to be money, it can be any other form of prosperity.

I am committing to write every other day (if I can every day) and share what I am finding.

Day 1

I got a wonderful letter from a mom on my coaching call group, sharing with me how much the call mean to her.

I felt honored to serve her.

My husband was very patient with me teaching me some things on the computer. He is not always so patient with me when it comes to teaching.. 😉

I feel abundant with patience.

My son was thanking me for the food I prepare for him. He said “what is this great smell?” I said – “chicken soup for you”, and he gave me the best hug ever . He is almost 11 so I feel blessed to get hugs!

I found lots of change on the floor this week.

It feels abundance of money.

I got to eat dinner with my friend and her kids, it was not planned. I feel abundant with great people around me.

I got to be a part of a Fundraiser committee. I felt connected. I also got so many complements about the event decoration which I planned. I can feel the great feeling of a whole, or abundant of this wonderful community I belong to.

This is for tonight, I will be back tomorrow.