It is amazing to understand how powerful out emotions are. It is mostly interesting to pay attention to them at all times, and see what comes up!

Here are my 5 for today :

My husband was sitting down with me after the kids went to bed, and told me all about his day. It was a great feeling of connection. I am learning to listen, not to react.
I feel prosper with love and communication.

My friends were watching my youngest one until night time, so I can go with the other 3 and buy shoes. It was a blessing not to be able to drag her along 😉
I feel prosper with kind friends.

I got a rebate check !
I feel abundant with money.

The sun was out today, warming up the air. It was great to feel how nature think of us, giving us a break from the rain.
I feel abundant with sunshine!

I was able to talk to my friend about my coaching call. It was really interesting talk. I got to learn some new things about my body, and I think I got to teach some new things too.
I fee abundant with wisdom.

I got a letter from one of the moms on the coaching call, that she can not wait to hear my voice on Friday! I felt blessed to have people that are searching for more. I feel great to share my gift with the world.