Wow, today was an amazing day!

It would be hard to write only 5 things that happened today, but I will try 😉

Today –

  1. Last night, after I had already written my daily blog, I got to chat with my best friend in the US ! I want to tell you that I had sent her a book for her birthday, and last night she wrote me :” [10:20:32 PM] Thank you so much for the great present in the mail today! I love the book. You’re an angel..”
  2. I felt expending and my heart filled with love.

  3. Rachel my friend called me up and invited me to join her at the park, and then called me and asked me “would you like me to buy you coffee?” this was great, and I hoped on the offer. When we met we had a great time talking about life while watching our kids having fun at the water fountain 🙂 I even got some good tips from her about where to post videos.
    Abundance of friends and caring.
  4. We had a meeting today at my kids school. I did not had a chance to eat dinner before I left home, and I was so hungry. We started the meeting and then 2 of the parents came in with plates with food and deserts 🙂
    I felt very abundant,and very grateful.
  5. My kids were helping me make dinner. They did not complained, just was very loving and helpful.
    I felt honored to be their mom! I have abundance of helpful loving kids!
  6. I got an invitation to teach a floral design class for children! I miss doing flowers and this opportunity is a sign of abundance of art. So exciting!!!!
  7. well, I have more, but I promised to keep it at 5 🙂