Abundance keeps flowing in, like the doors are opening up all day long 🙂

Here is the list for today –

  1. I got invited to teach a floral Design class for adults that want to know how to put flowers together in a nice way!
    The prosperity of art, here it comes again!
  2. An old friend came to visit me today, and we talked about life, how well she is doing, how well I am doing. We set outside in my lovely chairs. It felt great!
    Abundance of friends, good advice and love!
  3. My kids took all the blankets in the house and made a fort! it has been so long since they last did that, and it was great seeing them playing in it with flash light!
    Abundance of creativity and joy!
  4. My husband listen to me. I felt great.
  5. I found a Penny! Abundance of wealth

I am tired, I think I will call it a night. What a day!