Realizing how I feel about prosperity has become a very interesting process.
Today I took myself on my next exciting adventure, which was to have a prosper day.
I didn’t know exactly what this day would be, but I thought I would just toll with it.
It started by me taking myself to Whole foods, where I bought a gift. Although in my head Whole foods in Whole wallet 😉 , I wanted to feel how it would be to shop here without thinking of it as a ‘waste’, or ‘too expensive’. As I was walking in the store, I told myself ‘it’s a high quality of food, the fruits are so yummy, the product are better for my body’. After leaving the store (no, I didn’t buy anything expensive), I thought to myself :’ I am hungry’. I went to a nice Japanese restaurant next to Whole Foods, and I ordered a Bento box. I took the box and set outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, eating my food, and feeling good about eating out. It took some practice to get over the guild of buying an expensive lunch out with no reason,but I did it!
After, I went and bought myself 2 pair of pants, and to complete the day, I went to Starbucks and wrote Thank you notes. As I was writing my Thank you notes, I really thought about how prosper I am in different areas of life –

  • The ability to explore my feelings and understand them.
  • Having friends to write notes to.
  • To be a part of a great community.
  • For opportunities that came in the last few days.
  • To be able to go alone and enjoy the day.
  • A loving supportive family.

I found this exercise to be a bit challenging, but I feel I have learned a bit more about how to feel good about feeling prosper.

Pretty cool, I will do it again!