Over this amazing weekend that I was at the seminar, I did not have a chance to write here.

It seems that we were at this room for 2 years, with all the things that came up to me and to other wonderful women. Barbara’s processes were so powerful, that you got something every time again.

It’s been 2 weeks since I am back from the seminar, and I am still digesting what has happened.

Here are some of the things I learned –

I am afraid to be in a group of all women. My first substantial memory related to a large women group is back 22 years ago. I was completing my officer training. I don’t remember all the details but I do remember that there was a lot of gossiping and cruellest to one another. It was not a good experience when it comes to how they treated one another. I remember hating it, I remember don’t understanding it. This is what my body feels when I am around many women. During the course of the Goddess Seminar I learn to trust again, to see the beauty in each women and the beauty in being only women. It is different, the communication is different, the understanding is different. It was a very safe environment fo me to open up.

I can’t tell you that now I don’t have these thoughts at all anymore, but at least I am aware of that more than ever. I am working hard on myself to keep this deep trust, and not fall back to my old emotions patterns that do not serve me any more.

Another thing that I learn was to respect my mom much more as a woman, not as a mother. It is totally different view when you look at your mom as an individual, with all their issues, life experience and so forth. My mom had tough life in many ways. She got married very young, left her career to raise the children (although she wanted to keep working), had a major car accident when she was 40, chose to divorce and live HER life, had 4 children to support by herself, no help from family and friends. She did it, but it was not an easy ride.

I am almost 40 now, and I am thinking to myself – wow, this is tough! She should be admired for what she has accomplished, it is quite amazing consider what she went through.

Third – I learned to look at my marriage in a totally different way. I was always expecting my husband to behave in  a certain way, that today I know, was impossible for him to be. Sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth! Well, there must be somethings I’ve done well, otherwise we wouldn’t be that long together 😉

I am about to read Barbara’s Book – Secrets about men every women should know’ to know more about this subject!

I am sure something really good will come out of it.

Well, I have to complete this post, I will be back to write some more in the next few days.

With love, Relli