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You must have been wondering where I am… so here it is –

I have been busy with going back to Floral Design. I have been investing my heart, time and effort into creating great videos teaching people what I know. I am so excited about sharing it all with you very soon!

It has been a great time to learn patience, trust (especially the universe) that things will fall into place, and love.

Lot more to be done, tell you more soon,

All my love, Relli


In the last few days I have been resisting taking action towards putting videos together. I know I am resisting change, I can feel how I am holding back to my passion for art, afraid that if I take it on I will have to give up other things. As I am writing it,I know that the opposite will actually happen. If I dive into my art, share my love for it, teach people about it, my life would be filled with joy of giving and receiving. But still, I am holding back. Today, I had planned to complete the materials I need to have for my first videos, and I stopped. I could not pin point why, but I didn’t do it. I tried to find all kind of reasons why it is not a good time “I am tired”, I have to cook dinner, I won’t finish is today anyway, bla bla bla. I know I am making up excuses, pretty amazing that I can acknowledge it and still do it! Haha

Eventually, I decided to let go. I did not complete my list, neither my cooking 😉 , I just took my book and set down to read.

And, it was what I needed to do. Let go of controlling the day. It was what I needed to do – I got the answers why I am doing it from reading the book. I got to see, through Barbara’s Book, that she has done the same!

“a ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for”John A Shedd

I found this quote to catch my attention –  I am the ship, and I am stuck in the harbor! I am not supposed to stay there for ever, I am supposed to sail away to the open sea, let go of controlling and just drift with the waves.

I find it to be very challenging to take  huge leaps, to take huge steps. I am pretty good at taking big leaps when I am practicing (seminars, camps, in my community), but when it comes to my own destiny, I am holding back. Interesting.

As long as I am playing a game which is not really about me, I am leaping big time, but I stop when it comes to me, my life, my business, my relationships. I will do some work on it in the next few days, and will get to the bottom of it.

As for the next few days, I will take small leaps. I will take the key to the room where I can shoot videos, I will collect the materials to create few short videos, and just trust that things will fall into place.
“Show me the way, show me what I need to see to move forward”

Love, Relli

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