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You are probably wondering what this all about. Well, lately I have hard time sleeping through the night, and  find myself waking up very early. I decided that instead of fighting it and try for 2 hours to go to sleep, I will get up 🙂

yesterday, early morning when the house was quiet, I stumble across The FinerMinds Challenge – Give Us Your Personal Growth Story In 6 Words!

I tought it was really cool to take it on and this is what I came out with –

Feel – For me, not feeling is a disease that I am constantly working to cure. I have been able to tap into my feelings in so many ways, but if I let go of the practice to feel, I build my walls again.  So, feel would be the first thing of change.

Then, let go – oh, my gosh! this is a hard one for me. I know the ‘theory’, I know what I need to do, but to feel ‘LET GO’ is a totally different story. Over the last 4 months, I have learned over and over again that when I let things go, everything shifts. Relationships, money, opportunities. I set the intention, I take actions ro move toward my intention and then, let go.

well, this  will be a constant challenge to keep this lesson going. But I am up for it :0)

Get into the flow – only when I let go, I can get into the flow. As long as I hold it tight, controlling my feelings, people, situations, I am not in flow. I always go back to nature – Water, Wind, Fire are all flowing. they will find a way to go around, above, underneath to get to their destination. They don’t try to control the direction, they flow.

So, to sum it up – feel, let go, get into flow is my personal growth in 6 words!

It would be nice to take this challenge every few months, and see what comes up. As we change, the lesson will change too.

Go, take 10 min and try it yourself 🙂

Love, Relli

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