On Thu, Dec 23 2010 we drove to a cozy cabin in Arnold CA. It was a beautiful day, the sun was up and the road was wonderful as always. We love to go up to Arnold, since it is still a small town, with few shops and a there is this cozy feeling in the air.

Few hours after arriving, our family/friends joined us. It was a big party for the kids, who were looking forward to spend time together, in the cabin and with some snow!

Dinner, kids playing, going to sleep J

Friday, December 24.

I woke up, feeling happy to be on vacation, completely forgetting it is my birthday! Very much like me, since I usually don’t make a big deal out of my birthday. We had a great breakfast and then Aviv, the kids and our friends went up to do some snow sledding! This is the whole point of snow – right ?

I stayed at the cabin, enjoying a few hours of quiet, no one asking for something, for me, for food J I decided to take a walk. It was beautiful and sunny. I looked at the trees, the houses around and felt very grateful to see all this beauty.

Went back to the house, put some tree branches together in an arrangement (can’t ignore me being a florist….) took a nice warm (and quiet) bath, until the neighbor next door decided to cut some wood 😉

Went out, fixed myself a cup of coffee and a small piece of orange-chocolate cake, took the computer and set down to write. It was a wonderful feeling to reflect about being 40. I really feel blessed to reach the wisdom age. As my youngest sister told me, the number 40 is a very important number in Judaism. She also told me that up to this age we are studding, preparing for becoming a teacher who can pass on wisdom. I felt very connected to this concept as I feel that today, more than ever; I am more aware and ready to make great changes inside out. For some people it may look odd, but I love the process of learning myself. It never stop amazes me how much more I have to learn J

Kids are back!  A problem in the car window brought them sooner than later. Well, my time is up.

Dinner, great food and then – Show time!

With a beautiful Flower shape cake, we sang Happy Birthday and sat down to watch what my wonderful family and friends have worked on.

I knew NOTHING, and was totally surprised by what I was about to see. I was amazed and touch to tears to learn that Aviv, the kids, Yotvat and Nitzan have been working on the ‘Relli Project’ for a month and a half, without me knowing anything!

As you all know, Aviv has been working off my computer, all the email addresses of my close friends and people who I know, and asked them to send me their BD wishes. I knew nothing!

I was honored, touched and felt very blessed to have such an amazing group of people around me!

The movie Aviv put together was wonderful! I had fun funny videos to watch, cards to read, songs to hear!

What really strikes me was the love I felt purring out this project! I felt loved, appreciated and very special. It was hard to realized that it is all for me. A part of my personal growth is to learn how to receive. I tend to be a good giver, but not such a good receiver. This event put me on the spot, and helped me see things in a different way. It was great!

So, here I am, crying, laughing, crying, amazed, laughing, crying etc to see so many people, some of which I haven’t been in touch in years, all wishing Happy Birthday.

After the movie, Yotvat prepared a series of questions about ‘Relli’s Life’. It was a kick because it forced the kids to take wild guesses about my life, and also reminded me of stories and events I didn’t remember. A lot of fun!!!!!

11:00 pm. Kids are tired, putting them to sleep. Stayed up late, talking.

I had a wonderful Birth DAY, with lots of love around me.

I want to thank each and every one of those who made this all possible. Aviv, my kids, Yotavt and her family, Nitzan and her family, my Mom and siblings , my mother in law and Aviv’s siblings and all the beautiful people who send me their love in a package of Birthday Wishes.

Lots of love, excited to be 40 J RelliThe Fun Begins!