Today while at the krakow Jcc , I heard a beautiful offering that Jewish life is about life and not death .

It is so true and is very powerful to feel at krakow , where we are so close to Auschwitz , to a place where unimaginable things happen , and at the same time see the reviving of the Jewish life here .

Today we walked the streets of krakow and I could see the beauty of this place but at the same time I could feel myself wanting to go , to move on , to remember but not suffer anymore .

I could feel myself escorted my ancestors helping me feel more gratitude for the life I have . So many of them died in the Holocaust, but my grandparents survived as they flee through the war . I would not be here if they were not as resourceful as they were .

I bless my life today more than ever , feeling so grateful for my good karma , for having my life in a free country where I can be free to practice my faith .

With deepest gratitude today , and lots of joy to be alive today , Relli