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On December 14, 2007 I wrote my article “what’s in your cake’.

Yesterday, while giving my first public speaking presentation, I got to experience the joy of actually giving what I have to the world.

This is what I wrote in December:

“Our job is to offer it (our gift) to others and let them choose. Your job is to be happy to just offer your cake, and know that you are serving yourself by doing so. You can not control if others will try it (which you are almost screaming to them: “eat it!”), maybe they will, maybe they won’t, BUT this is not up to you.”

My presentation topic was ‘Focus In – 3 simple principles to achieve more success in your life by looking inside out’.
I was sharing what I learned in my life journey, about how I was lost with no focus to how I found my passion with flowers and Personal development. It was a wonderful feeling of giving, and it was even better because there was someone to receive.

I offered my cake, I offered it from my heart, and it was accepted with joy. I feel humbled yet excited to keep going and share my gift!

I challenge you to share your gift – give it to the world and you will never look back again!

To life and great cakes, Relli

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