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I have just learned about this terrific site Get Rich Slowly Here is a fascinating post about Thirteen Steps to a Better Life — lots of great suggestions for how to be happier.
I was playing a game with myself to choose 2 steps I like the most, and I chose:
Join a group and help others.
Being around people, feel a part of a community and help others grow, have been a constant source of happiness for me.
What are your top 2? (I know it’s hard to choose 😉 )

it has been 9 months since my Breakthrough seminar. During the seminar, while we were working on ‘what is our gift’ I felt that I was missing something, and maybe to be accurate, cheating myself.
I was creating what looks ‘good’, not what really felt good. I got to understand that and recognize the feeling during the seminar, and that was great.
Since then, I have been on the path of searching for the perfect combination of my gifts.
My love for nature, art and of helping people.
The reason I am writing about it today is because I feel I am getting closer and closer to the answers. It seems that I get in the mail what I just needed to read, the right people are coming into my life, the activities I am involved at are just the ones that let my passion shine.
I am now at the process of creating a new project with a dear friend, which is all about educating people about our garbage through art.
Yes, you read right- garbage.
It seems that in the last year or so, environmental issues are on my mind. I am much more aware of my garbage, my recycle and how it’s effecting our world.
Understanding the impact of our personal actions, made me realize that I would like to contribute to the overall understanding of those important issues. I am not sure yet how, but I can feel that the way is being created for me, for us.
The opportunity to educate others, help our environment incorporating art into it, will be a great soil for me to strive on. I believe that by giving out from my heart, good things will follow.
If you are feeling that you are missing something, don’t give up ! Stay open to new opportunities, keeping in mind few questions:
What makes you happy?
What feels great?
Can I help ?
I found that these questions have helped me a lot refocusing myself every time I am slipping away from my goals. If it doesn’t feel good – stay out of there, it is probably not the best choice.
I would be happy to help anyone who needs help finding his/her gift, source of happiness, so feel free to write me !
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